Before every magical story is revealed to the world, before every overnight success becomes coveted by all, there is often pain, adversity, struggle, conflict, and pressure. Our understanding of faith in a higher being and believing that consistent hard work pays off is usually all we have to hang on to when we have a dream of being great. Most make wishes and dream of having, being, and doing great things. My experiences and my truth have revealed that there are “dreamers” and there are “doers.” My thoughts and actions are so passionate that, once I decide to do something, there is no grey area or anything that I will allow to stop me from getting to the finish line. I’m instantly in attack mode. There is only one mission—that is to WIN.

The first step that comes before everything else is making that clear decision to be great. Once you can make up your mind and commit to that goal, you are one step into the magical process of creating your success. The fist commitment I can recall making to myself was at age 5. I decided I was going to be the best athlete ever. I decided I would do every single thing I could to be the best I could be. Carrying that attitude throughout every year of life, staying true to my written goals, not wavering because of doubt or other people and their own personal insecurities they present as negative energy and unproductive feedback—this has allowed me to achieve great levels of success with athletics, family, and business, and remain optimistic in every situation, while creating a never ending list of new goals to accomplish.

The second step is goal setting. As we go about our lives every day, most people overlook the unimaginable mighty power of the pen’s ink on paper. More specific in my case—blue ink on white paper. Goal setting creates great accountability. The kind of accountability we can’t receive in any other way in the world. Writing to-do lists, long-term goals, short-term goals, what I see myself as, and what I’m thankful experience has proven to me that our minds are HANDS DOWN the most powerful tool we are blessed with in life. The only difference between those we consider to be the greatest and most successful versus an average, non-goal setting individual, is the level of belief and confidence that comes along with having goals, accomplishing them, and creating new ones. By spending time around successful and goal oriented people, I’ve  realized the person who has a history accomplishing goals, ends up winning more than the person that commits their dreams and goals only to memory. Why? Because their level of belief in themselves has sky rocketed, creating a habit and expectation to win every single time.

My third, but not last (just the last I’ll list in this blog!), step to preparation is eliminating distractions. The word distraction has such a negative ring to it. It almost makes you feel guilty before you even know what for. Well, that’s how I feel when I hear or read it, anyway. Distractions come packaged in many ways. Your sweet, old granny could be a huge distraction if she’s taking away from your goals and affecting your path to success. Our cell phones, our minds, friends and family (who aren’t like-minded or adding to/enhancing our success), are all distractions. The most bizarre thing about distractions is that they can appear anywhere, anytime, without invitation, and without apology. It’s not the easiest thing—warding off distractions. But, making the tough decisions and sacrifices now will result in the ultimate celebration and having long-term success later. The payoff is totally worth the sacrifice. The things packaged as distractions are never worth it after 24 hours anyway! Only when my distractions are at an all-time low, do I lock in, commit, and see the best success in any area of life.

“Don’t make things complicated, Dom!”—This is what I tell myself every day. There is no secret or no reason why we can’t be, do, and have anything we want in this life. There are steps that have been proven time and time again to be the direct result in millions of people’s success—this was truth before we were created and it will be true after we are long gone. My question is, why does anyone try to reinvent the wheel when we all have the blueprint?


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