It amazes me when people tell me they are passionate about something but they take no action to achieve that thing. It also amazes me when they speak of all the things they DON’T want—seemingly unaware that the universe is receiving it the same as it receives our requests and prayers for what we DO want. Well guys, I am living proof that we have to be 100% obsessed with our goals and doing whatever it takes to reach them. I’m here to tell anyone who wants to be the best version of themselves that doing anything half-assed, living in undecided grey areas, and not taking action with your passion is keeping you from all you’ve ever desired.

I’ve been called crazy, narcissistic, unrealistic, compulsive, selfish—you name it and I’m sure I’ve heard it—all because of my relentless obsession with having everything I want in life and doing whatever it takes to get it. Criticisms like these have never detoured me from obsessively pursuing my goals. More often than not, I’ve found that those doing the criticizing do it because they cannot imagine themselves actually achieving much of anything and cannot conceive of putting in the level of effort that success demands of us. So, you’ll have family members, friends, society, the 97% (otherwise known as the masses) all telling you to join them and just be average. It’s almost as if they are saying, “how dare you be different? How dare you come along and be greater than me when we come from the same environment?”

I’ve had so many proud moments in life and each one was achieved because of my obsession to do whatever it took and my willingness to ride the seasons out, no matter the conditions of the weather. Storms will come, but the sunshine always returns. Nothing is permanent. Bad weather doesn’t last forever. Everyone gets their day in the sun—IF they are willing to go through the seasons to reap their success.

My most recent obsession is my book titled “The Diamond Laws.” This is my first (but definitely not my last) time writing a book and I am so very proud to be able to call myself an author. In the Diamond Laws, I will be able to show everyone how to attain anything they want in life. Success is nothing but habitual thoughts and actions. Once I figured that out, I created a system and process that I’ve implemented my entire life. Now, at a pivotal point in my career and life, I’m able to put the laws on paper and deliver them to you. The DVB Group is tirelessly—obsessively— working to get The Diamond Laws in your hands ASAP. So, as I conclude this blog, I won’t just encourage you to be great! I’ll tell you BE OBSESSED!



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